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1. Renaissance Entertainment
In today's world the choices available to us, for entertainment, are limited only by our imagination. It was the same for Renaissance folk!

2. Plague Doctors of the Renaissance
During outbreaks of the black plague, city officials throughout Europe were forced to hire what are known as "plague doctors" to assist in the treatment of plague sufferers.

3. Printing Press
How the Printing press changed the Renaissance world?

4. Renaissance Beauty Tips - Makeup
During the Renaissance women strove for pale skin so much that they risked their lives for it!

5. Renaissance Holidays, Festivals and Feast Days
During the Renaissance, holidays were much treasured not only for their religious significance, but for the extra opportunity they afforded people of the working classes to enjoy a day of leisure.

6. The Black Death & the Renaissance
One of the deadliest pandemics in history, the "Black Death" is often credited as one of the major factors leading to the European Renaissance.

7. Games and Sports in the Renaissance
Organized sports as we know them today did not exist, but people have always enjoyed competition, in whatever ways were available.

8. Renaissance Occupations - Skilled Craftsmen
During the Medieval and Renaissance Periods there were many skilled craftsmen that not only provided vital items of daily life but made a living at their craft. In this article I will look at a few of the more common skilled crafts.

9. Isabella First Renaissance Queen
How Isabella of Castile could be considered the first Renaissance Queen

10. The New World
The discover of the New World, and its impact.

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